Bisazza Project – Etoiles Blue


Spa with Bisazza finish

When we think of sun, leisure and glamour, Marbella, and in particular, one of its most exclusive residential complexes, La Zagaleta, immediately comes to mind. To complement the visual magnificence of this spa, where body and mind combine to eliminate our daily stress, the details of its construction are given below.

Every detail was carefully considered when constructing this spa as is shown by the fact that it combines: swimming area, relaxing loungers, hydro massage seating, hammam and cold water pool. All this is finished with Bisazza 20×20 mosaics, with mainly turquoise-coloured swimming pool walls and personalised floor design. In the relaxing loungers and in the hydro massage seating, white pearl with copper sparkles was used to provide a majestic air. While Gold effect colour predominates in the cold pool, in the hammam, a rich dark treacle colour is used for the seating, and copper-tinted crystal on the walls. The exterior and steps leading down into the cold pool are laid with ivory cream marble.